Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gourmet Garlic

Chet planted 8 varieties of garlic last fall as an experiment to see what would grow here in our garden.  We had a beautiful garlic bed with rows neatly marked with the names of each variety.  Then the storm came that took the roof from our barn, which tore across our garlic beds and ultimately landed in our neighbor's yard.  In the process, garlic was broken, markers disappeared and it looked like our crop was a bust. 

Never one to give up without a fight, Chet salvaged what he could and we ended up with a nice little harvest of 5 different varieties of gourmet garlic! 

Persian Star Garlic
Persian Star is a hardnecked garlic and it's really tasty.  It's a sweet garlic when you roast it.  I baked a clove to have with pasta last week and it was awesome!  This is one of the varieties that we have the most of.

I put an ad on Craig's list hoping to find some local customers that enjoy cooking with garlic, but my first reply was from someone out of state that wants bulbs to plant.  I was happy to accomodate and the order is getting ready to go out the door!

Bagged and on its way to OK!
Besides the Persian Star, we have Sonoran, German White, Chesnok Red and Metechi varieties.  If you'd like to try some, email us at or call 817 337 4690.  We're selling it either by the clove ($1) or by the pound ($7).

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