Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm really excited about having some raw fleece, straight off an alpaca, to work with.  I'm on vacation this week and I've started about 3 new fiber projects here at home.  This particular project - starting with the raw fleece - will end up being a dog bed if all goes according to plan.

Chet made me a sorting/drying rack.  It's PVC with plastic netting; which I think is really some kind of fencing.  Dirt and loose vegetable matter fall through as the fleece is layed out.  On the table is 2 washed batches of second cuts from an alpaca.  Second cuts are from the legs and neck of the animal.

I put a blanket underneath to catch the debris, but my plan didn't work out so well when the dogs decided it would be a great place to camp. 

So, everything that fell to the blanket is attached to the underside of the Husky, which means it's all over my house now. Oh well.  With 4 dogs and wet alpaca fleece in the house, I wasn't going to win any good housekeeping awards this week anyway.

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