Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I did over Christmas Vacation

I started and finished a couple of projects while I was off over Christmas.  The first was an alpaca cap for my stepson, Gregg, who likes to snowboard.  The fleece came from Regina Dale at the Song and Dance Ranch.  Regina is a fabulous lady who I've learned a lot from.  She is the owner of Howling Wolf Herbs - - and a talented fiber artist.

My cube neighbor at work is the proud father of a newborn girl who arrived just before Christmas.  Since I've never made socks or booties before, I looked for (and found) a really simple pattern.  I spun this yarn that came from roving I got in Tucson at Kathy Withers ranch shop.  Kathy taught me to spin.  If you want to check out some gorgeous yarns and creations, visit her website at

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