Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yarn and Construction

I've finished the first batch of yarn from Jimmy.   This is the first "from scratch" attempt for us.  The fleece was straight off the animal.  Chet picked it clean of vegetable matter, then I ran it through the Fancicard twice (to blend in some of the white) and pulled it off into roving.  After that, I spun it (my favorite part) and voila - yarn!  It took about a week of working a couple hours each evening.

We have a building on the property that has a brand new roof on it that we are converting into an office/workspace for me.  It didn't have a floor, so they are lifting it off the ground to pour concrete.  When they lifted it, a corner of it collapsed.  Glad I wasn't home to see it.

After the floor, inside walls will need to go in as well as doors and windows, then electricity.  Maybe by this time next year it will be ready to use.

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